My uncle investors on the development trend of network D P large red and red star network

is our fellow uncle in November last year, the close project, if you count the first investors Sequoia Capital, uncle should be regarded as the logic of thinking and a number of venture capital is one of the network get red.

opened in 2016, Papi sauce hot let net red became a hot market, the market focus on the high valuations and gossip is far higher than the thinking of this new industry business model and investment value. As one of the participants in the boom, this simple chat about our view of this industry, we invest in business logic combing fellow uncle, to provide some reference.

a, new media and from the media, large and net red

new media and from the media, large and net red these 4 words are often used, often confused, so first talk about the difference between the 4 words.

1, new media

new media definition covers the widest range, outside the traditional media can be said to be the new media. New media in the form of constant self evolution and evolution, from the portal to the vertical portal, from the forum to the blog, and from blog to micro-blog and WeChat, mobile this year to A new force suddenly rises. live, basically every 3 years there is an iterative update. Probably from the blog era social elements began to integrate the Internet, social networking users and users can directly link with quality content output capacity of users will be other users, which evolved from the media and fans.

2, since the media

from the media to break the traditional portal media model, with the typical characteristics of the center. At the same time as a product of social networking, but also with the social platform for the migration of the iteration, the main battlefield from the early forum, blog switch to micro-blog, WeChat, and then to today’s live platform. Mobile era, social led, from the media along with prosperity, it can be said that today is the most prosperous period since the media.

3, large and net red

large accurate speaking is known from the media, ID, referred to as the network red is a well-known figure from the media ID, the two key words are big and red, are a large number of fans to express. It should be said that the size of the network, including red, red is a large subdivision category.

sort out the relationship between these words, we in this article is actually the main chat is large, naturally, including the network red, in this note, not much to explain the back.


many people will ask how much the number of fans of "big" and "red"? If pure investment from the perspective of value, we think that the number of fans to have at least 1 million of it, not the magnitude of the business space is limited, the investment value will be greatly reduced.  

two, large classification

large classification, mainly from the attached platform, content >