Ma Haiping, founder of a doctor Why did leave Baidu to start a business

(original title: Ma Haiping: do not play with the richest man)


Ma Haiping want to use their own experience to inspire the team, so that we believe that the Internet is to create a myth. From zero to infinity value-added process, is always the most hi.


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if the business compared to bungee jumping, Ma Haiping must be pushed down.


was born in 1975, the Central Plains man with big eyes and bushy eyes from sales, early in Baidu, with Robin Li after years of experience, go to the next circle, wanda. In Baidu to catch up with the rapid development period, to participate in the grand grand shift between the peak, Wanda contributed directly to the Teng million cooperation. He frankly speaking, do not run the train run logic, persuade you closely surrounded by layers of thinking.

, though, to their leader alone, he hesitated. Business too much pressure: eyes every day think of so many brothers to support, the market will face a new uncertainty. It’s hard to make a decision to start a business, because it’s going to jump out of everyone’s comfort zone.

although Ma has been looking for opportunities, but also cast a number of friends and acquaintances of the venture. But if no one pushes him, he will never make up his mind.

an accidental opportunity, Ma Haiping introduced a friend who want to venture to the angel of the founder of the venture capital Wu Shichun. Before and after the talk three times, Ma Haiping as the middle of the matchmaking, also in a side. Talk to the third, together with Wu Shichun to talk about investment in the Tang has been more interested: sea level, I think your idea is very reliable ah, you have to do a project, and then toss a." Tang Yue is the founder of elong, 2006 and foreign hedge fund BlueRidge Capital (Lanshan, capital of the United States) co founded the Lanshan capital of china.

"no, I haven’t thought about it yet. Besides, to start a business is not short of money, I can vote." Ma Haiping’s first reaction is to back instinctively. Tang directly choked back: "I vote for you! Do you count the money to do it? Do it! Ten years and then toss for a period of twenty years."

Ma Haiping tempted. In an interview with the press, his identity is a doctor called founder.

Baidu years

in addition to more opportunities in the medical industry, Ma Haiping also has a congenital advantage: in Baidu, he played a lot of dealing with the people of Putian, there are resources.

The influence of

on Ma Haiping is undoubtedly the largest Baidu. In his own words: "in the golden period of development of Baidu spent his golden years."

before joining Baidu, Ma Haiping was the world’s second largest software company CA, a sales executive, although the software industry is very profitable, but it is no longer the industry trend. The Internet is on the rise