Some observations and Reflections on WeChat small program gate entrance, experience, promotion and g

tonight 0 points, has been highly anticipated "apps" official opening, tonight will be doomed to many of the Internet people are doomed to a sleepless night, tomorrow the headlines and the circle of friends, WeChat group is also generally belongs to a small program.


in the first time to experience a variety of small programs, we bring you the following facts and simple interpretation for reference.

a small program on the entrance

small program in WeChat chat page top, can be added to the desktop. But if it is placed on the page to chat, only a small program.



and, in the discovery of Tab, there are small program entrance – which is not surprising to many people.


at present, some people can not see the entrance, there may be a gray release, it may be necessary to use a few small programs will trigger.

, however, this entrance, only the user experience of the user before the use of a small program, can not be found through the search for more small programs. So, WeChat does not exist a small program distribution portal is also a fact.


two, on the promotion and dissemination of small programs

in accordance with the present situation, must be "group" is the first wave of small programs the best path to spread, rather than Zhang Xiaolong said the two-dimensional code".



well, we also found that some people have been doing a small program version of the application store. But according to WeChat’s logic, the risk is very large, it is likely to be blocked.


three, on the small program experience

many people pro test, the first time to open a small program may be slow to load, but after the experience will become very good.

even, as part of the APP, such as public comment, spelling, etc., the response speed of small programs have generally been loaded on the native APP.

, as well as open the loading part of the small program can be directly triggered WeChat account authorization, it can be regarded as a bright spot. (before the user must choose landing, registration and other actions will trigger)

four, a small game between the program and APP?

visual, small program for APP and products, may become a very.