Ma Yunzhi Entrepreneurs intentions with the brain to do business

sina science and technology news July 2nd evening news, chairman of the board of directors of the board of directors of Alibaba today to get together through the dispatch documents, and entrepreneurs how to communicate with the heart, with the brain, with the strength to do business. Ma Yun released this article in the get together to Taobao, for example, to the majority of entrepreneurs to share their valuable experience in the field of electricity supplier business.

Ma seems, intentions, with the brain, with the physical is the three elements of doing business. The next thirty years is the real development of e-commerce, through unique products and services, to find their own "confidant" that is, in the business to enjoy the unique pleasure.

July 2nd, Ma felt recently in Brazil and national entrepreneurs during the exchange, on his way home wrote entitled "to those in difficult poineering road" article, open to entrepreneurs to introduce their decades of experience in business.

first, for recently people often ask "now more and more difficult to do business, today Taobao went to the shop to have opportunities to make money," Ma responded: never do business to do good business, said people are bragging, any time to do business is to take risks. He believes that in more than and 10 years, those who want to get rich quickly through the open shop who basically failed and gave up; and those who adhere to the open shop, and when the fun communication is basically successful, from one shop to hire dozens of hundreds of employees of businesses everywhere.

Ma Yun said to as an example, although Taobao business is not easy now, but for ordinary sellers, this is still the best entrepreneurial base, "there is no other place to do better!" from the first day, Taobao is not in shopping malls or supermarkets to buy and sell design but I hope, young people through the exchange of trading goods and services to create a new way of life. "Taobao in the building is a kind of innovation, creativity, creative living space, which is the" universal Taobao ‘Nothing is too strange."

Ma Yun found that in recent years, the success of the Taobao shop owner is basically those who open a shop Taobao when their fun of those wonderful people". They think that buying and selling is a kind of fun and communication. Find customers like their own thing, in fact, is to find a friend". Used to do business with just a few people, but in today’s businesses can face the nation even billions of people around the world, every problem is that products and services are not unique enough, if you can find friends in a world of billions of people, whether can let the life become friends with friends "".

Ma Yun believes that there are three elements of business. The first is the "heart", do not do business is not important, but to find their own products and services are very important. The second point is to use the brain, choose what to do after you have to think about how to do, especially small businesses, we must make the characteristics to make a difference, to make fun, to make their own feelings and customers. The third point is that you have to spend time, energy and physical strength