Giftivo personalized recommendation services based on social networking



Giftivo can be based on the interests of users Facebook friends, recommend more in line with the needs of the gift

although the Thanksgiving holiday has not yet arrived, some start-up companies have been eyeing holiday consumer market, trying to get a slice of. The United States Giftivo launched a Facebook based gift recommendation service.

Facebook is about to launch its own social gift service Facebook Gifts, the Facebook service can help users to exchange real gift, so one of Facebook users still need third party application of doubt. However, the industry pointed out that Facebook Gifts gift recommendation is not very reliable". For example, female users it gave gifts to the husband to recommend the apron, intelligence toys, things like chocolate.

In addition to

, other Facebook recommendation engine based on the performance of the same just passable. For example, if someone wants to buy a gift for her husband, the gift of WAL-MART application Shopycat will recommend the purchase of "Agam Gump" DVD, "white stripes" (The White Stripes) and Xbox band Live games, but this application is not clear what we already have, even if these recommendations are very helpful.

Giftivo is not, it will provide more details. First of all, Giftivo users will be interested in the classification of friends, such as mobile devices, movies, music, TV series, teams, athletes and other categories. Even if the user is not satisfied with these recommendations, can at least know what love is: Friends Concert, movie tickets, or DVD.

second, users can further customize the Giftivo recommendation service, first by the friends of the personal homepage and then remove the locking point of interest, he or she is not too interested in the gift category, so that the application of a more accurate recommendation.

after the user clicks the Giftivo button, you will see hundreds of product information, far more than the recommendation of WAL-MART Shopycat, but also more targeted than Facebook Gifts recommendation. Moreover, the user can also be recommended in accordance with the price of the gift Giftivo filter.

although Giftivo recommendation is not perfect, but in a more accurate number of pure, that is to say, the recommendation to the maximum extent to meet the needs of users. Moreover, if the user is interested in all the recommendations, Giftivo will also provide a list of popular gifts on the engine, and according to music, TV series, movies, books, sports and other categories filter.

Giftivo and other successful experience of gift recommendation