Grassroots webmaster why most of them can not earn money

society is divided into grades, and so is the website. Grassroots webmaster like farmers, farm income mainly depends on the force, not to sell the original processed food money. And what the big portal and vertical web site is like a large manufacturer, on the basis of packaging and processing production, sell high. Now China grassroots webmaster can say is a lot of, but, can really make money is very few. Most of them are relying on advertising alliance which maintain a meager income, can sell monthly are rarely, even sold monthly advertising, where to go or not, remove the server costs, living expenses and other mixed fee, can earn money with a general workers almost, although working comfortable, but they worry more than tired. This is the grassroots webmaster present situation, want to break is always very weak, want to retreat and fear of nothing, lose too much. But a group of people, so helpless life, every day to repeat the same thing, the site’s traffic and income is not increasing, not bad. The loss of time every day, people grow old day by day, slowly lost morale, lost health, but also lost the direction. All of a sudden feel that life is very slim, very passive, there are countless times want to jump out of this strange circle, but always jump out. Here’s a simple way to explain why grassroots webmaster earn less money:

a, always in the rules of others to do things, subject to other constraints

can say for sure, and now most of the grassroots webmaster traffic is the main source of search engines, income is their own alliance advertising. Search engine is like a chicken farmer, our grassroots webmaster is like a chicken they raise. They gave us a small amount of feed to sustain our lives, and most of them had to be found on our own. Sometimes eat too much, too fat, simply drop K directly. If we are to act as they from first to last in the formulation of the rules of the game, turn a circle are in for their service work. To give you flow, you eat, you give me the advertisement, lay eggs, let you grow up one day, and one day old. And what are the brand benefit of large sites, like the pheasant into Phoenix, can fly, do not have to be in by farmers to broader constraints, looking for a place to eat.

two, a large number of grassroots webmaster, competitive

huge number of this is to be sure, to see what kind of webmaster website, do a little bit of fame ranking will enter the 4 digits, we can see the number of this team. The search engine before 3 pages where you go to several places, and advertising their own products, what are the impassable station, we grassroots webmaster can list of their famous and some


three, the weak is our greatest weakness

is always a finger over but a fist, single-handed one station, responsible for pushing, marketing and other aspects of the work, do a station or short-term point of eating "