Flickr decline revelation entrepreneurial team vision was killed by YAHOO

is an entrepreneurial team beyond the era of vision, is a large company brutally killing — missed slow social opportunities, at the mobile market, Flickr should decline to all entrepreneurs as a warning.

if you want to list those big companies after the acquisition of the decline of the popular products, Flickr must be ranked. This year the epoch-making significance of entrepreneurial team work has now become increasingly marginalized, ordinary users to Instagram, Facebook or Path and other new photo sharing services and social networks, professional users are gradually transferred to 500px more attractive, easier to use and cheaper professional photo storage service. Even users who simply want to store photos, but also have more options, such as Dropbox, Skydrive and Google Drive.

from Flickr was acquired after the encounter, we can see the acquisition of the small team at YAHOO followed such a big company in the unfortunate situation, and again the sad consequences of missed opportunities.

lose self

Flickr founder Stewart Butterfield and Caterina Fake is a couple entrepreneurs, initially their project is a game, and Flickr is a photo sharing service in the game. The couple, who have a clear understanding of the future of Web services, quickly realized that a product that shares photos online is more promising than a game. So they began to complete the Flickr online photo sharing service. It was in 2003, when most people didn’t realize that the photos were online.

Flickr released soon after the success, in 2005, the couple will sell Flickr to Yahoo. Like most has just been acquired business products, at the time of the Flickr look promising. But the Flickr team quickly discovered that they were forced to focus on the integration of services, rather than ongoing innovation, which laid a huge hidden danger for the future.

at that time, the real value of Flickr lies in its large number of users to upload a proper classification of the community, a complete picture of the label, which is a valuable database resources. But YAHOO is concerned about the huge database itself, rather than the user to complete and expand the data. Therefore, YAHOO did not develop new features to further expand the user community plan, but the Flickr team provides the integration plan strictly in order to have Flickr in the photo data value into a variety of services to YAHOO. Flickr team had to spend a lot of manpower and financial resources to meet the various requirements of YAHOO, and no more resources to further innovation.

is even more brutal, because the Flickr team can contribute far less revenue when