To rookie – Blog knowledge can not be unknown

The Chinese name of the Blog, has been the focus of the discussion of the domestic Blog sites, so Blog in China also has a network log, blog, newspaper, blog and blog name. In the absence of a conclusion, I prefer not to change its name, the direct use of English Blog, but also implies the exchange of ideas without borders. Literally, Blog is Weblog, Weblog is " Web" Log" " combination of Chinese meaning of Log is " " log;, extended to water records of any type, so Weblog can be understood as a kind of water recorded on the internet. This kind of Internet can be regarded as a personal web page. The owner of Blog will be in the Blog of their daily life experience and inspiration imagination and self expression, abstract, network news commentary all hear, see and feel things down, readers can also enjoy a variety of ideas and experiences bring as look like a diary. Blog’s owner is known as Blogger or Weblogger, often referred to as bloggers or bloggers.

so, what’s the difference between a Blog and a personal web site, which, in essence, is the same as Blog, which provides a platform for exchange of ideas and information. However, the higher the threshold of personal sites, you need to understand the knowledge of web production, and the need to use FTP maintenance, will spend a lot of time on the update page. Blog is very simple, as long as you will use the computer typing, you can write your own feelings on the free Blog, the feelings will be organized according to the date, according to the classification. Blog also supports RSS, RDF and other new technologies, the information can be sent to everyone in the hands of faster, so that the reader in real time to understand what you want. Maybe you will notice that similar posts writing Blog and BBS, but the BBS communication is difficult to long-term retention of your article, nor the system arrangement of the Blog, but can easily be done. BBS is like a bus, passengers can take a bus, but can not have a bus; Blog is a private car, he can make any one of the author’s own personalized Blog, including appearance, content and everything.

more and more people are using Blog, including President Bush, President of Microsoft, Bill,, Blog’s impact is very large. In the United States, people by Blog real vivid description of a terrorist attack, and make profound reflection and Discussion on the event; in Iraq, people use Blog to send the world the latest reports, records of the siege of Baghdad in real life; China, Blog also active, many news events are from an article in Blog the people begin to pay attention to. Blogger said that the role of the reporter is weakening, take it from a variety of phenomena with keen insight Bl>