Data analysis of a day after Baidu suspended advertising

to do a day after the suspension of Baidu advertising data analysis, Baidu alliance to promote a new business, and in February 2nd launched a suspension of advertising. A total of 3 kinds of advertising formats, floating couplet ads, floating buttons, the lower right corner of the floating window. When you receive the mail to Baidu after the first time I added a suspended advertising, is my own station test data, we can also go to the Baidu alliance at the official show, the following is my test data for reference.

my site from February 2nd at 2 pm to launch, more than today at noon, finally got the test data, as follows.


Description: the first line is the total data, the second row is suspended advertising data.

from my test data, the following conclusions:

(1) click rate is high

I put half a day from

data, 2041 of the display, 33 is the number of clicks, click rate reached 1.62%, the click rate and I always hits more than 0.16%, 10 times higher than the majority, is mainly the display advertising to attract users attention, attract visitors click.

(2) unit price is very low

is now likely to be the testing stage, after all, has just been launched, advertisers also rarely cause, click on price is very low, only 33 clicks 1.64rmb revenue per click, only 0.0496, even 5 cents less, so there is no advertising price, the value of doing, hope, stability, too at the testing stage, can improve, even if it is half price to promote the theme, it is acceptable.

(3) is too eye-catching, leading to the theme of the audience to ignore the promotion of advertising

yesterday after the suspension of advertising, resulting in my Baidu theme promotion click rate has declined. As far as I am concerned, it is the eye of the viewer has been suspended advertising to attract the past, distracted, ignoring the theme of the page to promote, resulting in the theme of the promotion of click rate reduction.

comprehensive view, Baidu’s new suspension of advertising, although the click through rate is good, but the price is very low, there is no value to do. Not to mention the suspended advertising as a nuisance dogskin plaster, affecting the entire page appearance, also affect other advertising hits, at present, Baidu suspended advertising, is certainly The loss outweighs the gain. move.

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