The layout of Knight working group in front of the station ready to make money

battle about "An army marches on its stomach." battle group as well as money. For the webmaster, the new Knight station system version is winning weapon network, with good weapons, the network officially set foot on the battlefield, the layout of stations before the following is sure to think, to do.

1) familiar with the knight station group

to do his work well, must first sharpen his tools, in order to maximize the knight station group, be familiar with the basic operation is very necessary. So, the layout of Knight station group plan to make money before, first of its well familiar with a very necessary. At present, the knight station group to celebrate the five anniversary, launched a free experience, in the A5 Adsense nets and knight official forum can apply for experience, very suitable to be familiar with the knight, to further understand the knight’s friends. Can station group channel station details in the A5 of the knight. I have the honor, through the application of the opening of the trial version, by a few days, have a general understanding of the knight station group in the background, also the successful implementation of the basic operation. In addition, now take part in the free trial activities, through the sharing of experience, but also to increase the authorized site, and have the opportunity to get the extreme version of the majority of the webmaster is also a gospel. There is a need to apply quickly. Do not apply to the free version of the friends, you can buy the initial version, familiar with the function, and other basic operations are understood later, and then upgraded to the advanced version, a large number of groups, a large number of gold.

2) select a good station group space

space station group selection, it is a commonplace talk of an old scholar, roughly three kinds, virtual host, server, VPS. These three prices are from low to high, the quality of nature is also from low to high. The virtual host, most of my friends chose Dreamhost, unlimited use of IP, reduce the risk of K by the station group, but must pay attention, DH is the CPU limit, don’t be greedy, a space station put too much, otherwise is taking off the space station enough you. A little more investment friends, you can choose VPS, and then on the server can be abundant. Just as the entry station group, if you use VPS or server, suggested to pay, such as risk control, there is more demand, additional investment to

3) reasonably control the cost and quality of domain name

domain name is one of the big station group investment, one hundred stations, each of the 50 to 5000, close to the price of Knight station group Extreme Edition, so that the reasonable cost is very important to control the domain name. Cheap domain name can find someone to buy Taobao, a number of foreign registered business, GD, YAHOO, etc. often have a discount, to maintain attention, the average cost of 100 domain names can be controlled to 20 / below. Another is the domain name, quality,.Com,.Net,.Org, high weight, so try to choose some weight high, there is just expired domain names, domain name for the record relative weight is also high, do stand it, the search engine included more easily. "