Rational treatment of network hot words domain name investment

recently, "you are my little apple, how can I love you?"…" The "little apple" brainwashing Divine Comedy hot network, provoked the people to follow suit dance. The domain name investment sensitive "Rice noodles" is the suddenness of a thunderbolt to "little apple" domain name xiaopingguo.com/.net/.cn/. company network registered down. The low cost of the domain name registration (such as the domestic top-level domain registrar http://s.72e.net/domain/ com, the linkage of the world CN, HK, Wang, domain name registration respectively only 29.9 yuan, 19.9 yuan, 59 yuan, 48 yuan), has largely contributed to the Rice noodles are not hesitate to register the domain name of the mobile network hot words.

in fact, in addition to small apple, the other words in the first half of this year, have also caused a wave of domain name investment boom.

at the end of March this year, in the face of sweeping entertainment article derailed things, Ma Yili in his own micro-blog responded: "love is easy, marriage is not easy, and cherish." Implied forgiveness. Then, "and cherish the word quickly jump red network, attracted netizens all kinds of imitation, blitz. The relevant domain name qiexingqiezhenxi.com/.net/.cn has also been registered.

in April this year, Chinese English "no Zuo no die (not seek death will not die), by America online slang dictionary Urban Dictionary included" you can cited onlookers, then you up (you you) "and the phrase" no can no BB package (not don’t spray) "was also included. Nozuonodie.com, buzuosijiubuhuisi.com, and related to the domain name youcanyouup.com already was empty.

and the addition of "apple", "and treasure", "no Zuo no die (not seek death will not die)" in the first half of 2014 the 8 network hot words, and "tea", "you come from the stars", "fried chicken beer", "Meng Meng Da, you understand the 5 hot words. What is related to the 8 hot words of the domain name also there are parties troops early registered.

although the network of hot words in the domain name can be caught in a short period of time to seize the hot spots, with the times, but the linkage of the world’s experts to remind the rice people still need to be treated rationally. Because with the rapid development of Internet, network hot words emerge in an endless stream, after the popular hot words one or two months ago, a large number of users have to look to the new network hot words, while the domain name investment should also learn to rational view of network hot words of domain name, return to reason of prudent investment.