After optimizing the template GG unit price reached 0.05

my station on the line just for 20 days. Baidu has been included (reason: content is all original). Made a point outside the chain, about 300 IP per day. GG ads about 5-10 times a day. Advertising unit price is always in 0.01-0.02. Http://

update before the home put three ads, the article page put the three. I would like to say that the location and format of advertising is very important.

I used to put one on top, one in the middle, and the other below. Now I’m going to put the middle two 250*250 together. So others can easily click. Then put a page below the. The click rate is high.

a web ad not to cross three. GG unit price is the first to show the high price of advertising. Then next. Don’t put ads in a place where no one clicks. This will be your price.

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