After 80 entrepreneurs rise this is the best time entrepreneurs

more than once, the traditional business people told me: "we are also very anxious."

may be the last two years and the next few years are the most traditional enterprise anxiety period, relatively, but also the best opportunity for entrepreneurs. Today, China is full of vitality and new business changes are in full swing. Although the China social environment and regulatory environment for private enterprises is not very friendly, but entrepreneurs rely on new technologies and new business models, like weeds, a little gap will develop and grow, make a piece of heaven and earth.

I think, in the last two or three years, because of the new technological revolution brought about by the new business changes in the industry, may be the best era of entrepreneurs in the past 20 years.

Innovation workshop management partner Wang Hua’s point of view is more daring, he said,

if a hundred years of history point of view, we might be in a hitherto unknown wave of the future, a short period of twenty or thirty years, mankind will be also a huge change, probably about 10% of the people engaged in agriculture, 20-30% people engaged in industrial and traditional services, 50-60% may be engaged in now unknown industry may, part of which is engaged in the production of pure spiritual enjoyment.

last weekend, I went to Xiangshan starting at 6:30 in the morning, to participate in the activities, advance the software with a taxi didi taxi booking a taxi, the driver in the waiting area at the entrance to. Since there is a taxi software, I travel more and more convenient, especially when starting at five or six in the morning to go to the airport. Taxi software can improve the efficiency of taxi drivers, taxi software to bring through their day orders accounted for 20% of the income, they also reduce Kongshi rate, fuel consumption, especially in suburban, if there is no taxi software often run empty.

didi taxi drivers and passengers subsidies launched a marketing campaign in 2014 after the Spring Festival and its rival fast taxi, hit pitch-dark, behind the two Internet giant Alibaba and Tencent competition. The fierce competition in the mobile Internet era of online payment entry battle, only part of the battle of Internet banking. In Alipay, WeChat payment led by Internet banking, is to challenge the conservative, the arrogance of the traditional financial sector. They not only absorb a large number of idle funds in the society, is also preparing to use credit cards and cash out.

Internet banking is just the tip of the iceberg of China’s new business revolution. Get in by every opening new business change areas of education, media, retail, telecommunications, medical, etc. are all changed or disruptive changes brewing.

for a long time, Chinese economy is strong government leadership, the leading role is the government. This round of new business change, technology companies are bringing new technologies, new business models to break the board, the opportunity to change, the market economy has become the most critical participants. The leader of change is the new generation of entrepreneurs who are active in the new economic arena. Even financial, telecommunications and other vested interests in the field, but also because of the market