Explore marriage network profit model

The wireless Internet business, and business line activities under the three modes of marriage network has become a major source of income, but still make ends meet for big spending and marriage. The development of more suitable online products is still the direction of marriage and marriage website competition, but the product can be copied, and the real way to operate profitable but can not follow.According to

iResearch of iResearch company shows that China online dating market in recent years relatively rapid development, using a variety of online dating service users from 46 million 400 thousand in 2005 rose to 111 million 600 thousand in 2008, a CAGR of 34%. The proportion of Internet users will be increased from 42% in 2005 to $60% in 2008. But in the market, by the end of 2004 the online dating market reached 127 million yuan, of which online casual dating market size of 90 million yuan, the online dating market size of 37 million yuan, the company expects that with the rapid development of Internet users and online dating, scale will be further growth in 2008 reached 991 million yuan, of which the online dating market size of 653 million yuan.

dating dating site membership fee would like to collect more difficult, which is determined by two aspects, one is the ability to join a lot of members to pay limited, it is impossible to pay tens of thousands. Two is that these members do not think it is worth, because dating sites can not guarantee the results, and this result is affected by a variety of factors too, uncontrollable factors too much. Unlike other sites, such as B2B website, as long as you pay the money, do it seriously, make a few single is no problem, and pay and return contrast will be great. Marriage dating site is the lowest success rate of all members of the web site, so that members of the money when very hesitant.

in this context, Jiayuan founder and CEO Gong Haiyan said, is preparing to establish an independent wedding website, to the downstream industry in the development of marriage. It is reported that Jiayuan has registered the wedding network domain name, and began construction site.

Gong Haiyan said that people are accustomed to accept the wedding, wedding photography and other wedding items charging mode, and difficult to accept the marriage before paying the membership fee. From this point of view, the traditional wedding market and the Internet may have a very good combination of benefits, I am afraid that more than a simple Dating Dating easier to make money.

but under the line of traditional wedding market, the need to integrate huge resources. With the reporter’s question, Gong Haiyan said that despite the competition to face and traditional wedding company, but still Jiayuan has its own advantages: 6 million 200 thousand registered users. As long as we can occupy the upper reaches of the marriage market, then it is equivalent to the occupation of the wedding market." Gong Haiyan stressed to reporters. But at the same time, Gong Haiyan also said that from the beginning of the beginning of the wedding intermediary.

in the face of such a variety of consumer habits and price tolerance level, all the high membership fee is obviously not feasible, and the wedding industry for the site to provide a greater profit imagination,