What can Ali mother bring to China

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August 12th, Alibaba group launched a network of Ali mother advertising distribution network, a full range of online advertising. This is not a simple release platform, but a trading platform, advertising has been extended to create a commodity concept, as a commodity to trade. The advertising as a commodity in the trading market, the current Ali mother to pay for the long time and pay per click advertising methods, as well as text links and advertising images of these two forms of advertising. Users can take advantage of this platform, in the above free to buy advertising or sell advertising".

of the Ali group, taking electronic commerce as its core, has B2B, B2C, C2C, payment tools, instant messaging, web portal and information classification of 7 kinds of related products and websites, and in their respective fields are in absolute or relative leading position, especially Alibaba and taobao.com respectively with 16 million 660 thousand enterprise registered members and nearly 40 million individual members, on-line Ali mother means Ali group, Ali mother began to borrow before the formation of the gradual integration of resources, and derived to realize scale effect after transformation. Mom will be initiative in advertising transactions made by small and medium enterprises and individual users, plus Alipay complete the payment link, the integrity of the building built smooth path between small advertisers and advertising media and two-way choice.

in recent years, the rapid growth of online advertising business, Google and Microsoft, such as the global Internet giants optimistic about the development of the market, respectively, mergers and acquisitions of online advertising companies Doubleclick and aQuantive. Although several network advertising domestic distribution platform did not exhibit good profitability, but behind the 7 mom Alibaba related products and website as a support, advertising is rich in resources, through the integration of advertising resources to achieve profitability less difficult. The reason is called Ali mother, on one hand I guess is to inherit the family of Ali blood, has the brand to continue to appreciate, on the other hand is to give the majority of C2C shops, tens of millions of small owners, tens of millions of bloggers looking for a "nanny", make money through commercial incentive, integration of a vast network of idle resources. 06 years earlier, taobao.com in May through "try some of the charges, but the felicitous wish of making money" by Taobao online store main opposition, a month after the announced to give up. 07 years in July, Taobao vice president Shao Xiao