Strategy and the nternet — Reading Notes

Harvard University professor Michael E. famous Porter is indeed very good in "Harvard Review" Business Strategy and "published the article" the Internet, because I have no time to write reading notes, so now a bit empty, write out to share with you.

1. Online shopping price is too low.

at present due to the application of most of the countries in the world to encourage the Internet, some countries not only to electronic activities on the Internet are not taxed, and funding, which makes businesses on the Internet can be cheap to sell goods. Also, some companies want to attract users through the low price strategy, and even many companies at a loss of price to sell goods, but also makes the Internet commodity prices on the "irrational" low, even lower than the cost price.

2. Too many companies use the Internet for curiosity, and they don’t even know what the Internet can do for the company.

3. Many profitable e-commerce companies have come from the stock market, not really from the company’s e-commerce. As a result of a few years ago, the promotion and promotion of e-commerce, resulting in a Internet Co do not have to prove their profitability, you can get a large amount of investment funds.