A APP developer $2 million price for the experience of the 7 blood

I am a developer of APP App Co CEO and founder, we developed the APP to help users to use mobile phones to find a job. From 2009 onwards, our company encountered a series of setbacks, the product of the four transition, encounter unimaginable pressure, layoffs, founder of differences, homeless, cooperative and professional personnel and then, resistance and so on. But the company is still a variety of setbacks, made in line with market demand products, the number of users and participation has also been a steady growth, recently also received funding through financing support. But all this is too hard to come by.


does not write this article in order to gain the sympathy of the user or the reader, or to win prizes such as reports. Just to share my feelings. In the NewMe Accelerator entrepreneurship training and Code2040 education project, also found that some of these experiences are quite useful.

although I may not be good at telling stories, every time out of the classroom instruction, I couldn’t help myself, I have just hypocritically said what? But this does not affect I share these hobbies, because it can serve as a warning for the next few detours.

The difficulties encountered and

startups that have cost US $2 million price, and by sharing, through understanding I run a software products company, the audience does not spend a penny, to get these lessons. If the audience and someone is going to produce such as laser device, microchip, gene therapy and other products, or is going to develop the game, then maybe I know in these areas is not you, maybe we can provide much help. But if so, I will write my experience in the following.

1 Cross-10, from the "10 transactions" to start

"Cross- 10" mean? – made more than 10 transactions. Specific what these things are, it depends on what the specific company to decide. For example, Cross-10 is selling gummy bears, 10 different employees to 10 different customers successfully selling candy; if it is to build the business guidance platform, then the Cross-10 is up to 10 different teachers to 10 different students successful marketing course. That is to say, the seller and the buyer of the 10 parties in the business of the interaction between the transaction or the 10. In most companies, the relationship between the Cross-10 and the two sides are not hard to find, some are involved in Cross mining. But no matter what kind of participants, must ensure that the other party to the company made time or economic investment.

remember, first complete the Cross-10, and then start writing code. In order to achieve the Cross-10 is not difficult, all you need is: Word processing software, Excel form, a power >