Li Yu 3 years of experience on Wangzhuan Xinshoubikan

do Wangzhuan 3 years, talk about the real idea, I novice, Wangzhuan is an emerging industry, the social and legal recognition has just started to do Wangzhuan have been doing is free, never dare to play free things, a fear of being cheated, two if no ability, I registered the site estimates over hundreds. Do I have to say. The results show that most of the things are not very realistic. Finally ran is not an alliance settle a matter by leaving it unsettled payment simply does not give you, or delete iD.

to share with you some do Wangzhuan several years of experience in the network do not cling to the project, some friends bought the project had also told us that self deception does not make money only and not to make money, I’m here to tell you the most sad words deceiving people. Most of those projects is a beautiful lie, is nothing more than the idea of trying to get you to register, or become their agents, if the bid is really as good as do why waste so much time to make the project sold out


free Wangzhuan I do not say that anyone who knows that several

is the first class on this project Wangzhuan, though rarely earned but generally not cheated, but it is pitiful, hang a day may also hang not electricity, but everything should pay attention to methods, we can hang, open software group. Although each software hang are few but add up is also quite good, here to remind everyone that the best choice for some good stable onhook software alliance, some publicity onhook software don’t care themselves will be able to earn XXX per crap you don’t believe, first you need to understand the principle of onhook software, understand the principle and flow of the industry sale price You’ll see. why those are deceptive, if it really can make money white-collar home to buy Computer hang up the phone. Isn’t it?

two is a survey, so I will not say all the experiences and memories of pain, not only to fill out a registration of all real data, if not the real future investigation will be very difficult to do, because now the survey sites are very smart when you answer he will insert some small problems if your answer is not consistent and is likely to put you off K. In the end, I spent a lot of time and energy.

three, some of the MLM Wangzhuan you can choose to get referrals or pay, finally should not recharge you also do not have the money if you pull the line, you will have to recharge his income part of the Commission, a layer of down pull much more, this project not only legal and don’t do there is no guarantee of income.

four, code classes and other such projects we ask Baidu, it is a waste of time is a waste of time. Time is the most valuable thing

I suggest you do Wangzhuan must be prepared to complete the consultation in depth, if you are a veteran also welcomed the exchange with me, to explore the Wangzhuan experience and skill of my QQ is 1417932174 in 51> recently