How to make use of a literary Station three months to earn $1000 combat exercises

Three months how to make use of a new literary site earn RMB 1000 yuan?

1, to collect enough data to generate the HTM page

2, to make the appropriate page optimization, keyword selection

3, landing Baidu and GG, improve website PR value.

4, apply for advertising skills, try to guide advertising, do not click on ads or Shao Fang

5, the first month of IP reached 1000, second months, IP reached 3000, third more than 5000 months.

6, Kingsoft guide advertising, the article page into the pop-up code, every day can install 30-100 (this is the actual number of my *0.2 a).

7, for the film monthly, put a little stimulation point alliance pictures, guide mobile phone registration, registered a $10 commission.

8, guide the consumer advertising for Taobao or eBay, every registered one is 4-10 yuan, and after sales commission.

9, advertising techniques: friendly program eliminate resentment and search engine visitors to the home page, please don’t do too much optimization, or placing too much advertising.

10, the level of AD, BLOG, Baidu, using all Post Bar QQ group, the forum. Popular now will be popular keywords posted in a well-known Web site, and then jump back to their own web site, as if the search engine will not KC your station Oh, I have not tried, interested in their own test

three months can easily earn 1000 yuan. This is my practical experience. A lot of garbage station master, did not work, rely on the garbage station every day to make money, those are masters, perhaps if the station in their hands, they can earn 1000 yuan a month.