How App Store changed the world creating 300 thousand jobs

review within five years, App Store has been successfully subvert our impression of intelligent mobile phone.


App Store spent 5 birthday (Tencent technology plan)

Tencent technology Tom Eloise reported on July 13th

five years ago, Apple’s App Store opened its doors for the first time.

in the opening day, the app store a total of only from third party developers including games, efficiency and MLB (MLB) in 500 categories including the application. In the opening speech of the store, Apple has used a total of three revolutionary to describe the influence of the store. From today’s results, apple then use the adjective is not exaggerated.

now, App Store ushered in his five birthday. The store currently has a total of more than 900 thousand applications, downloaded more than 50 billion times. There is no doubt that the store has been successful for the iOS platform has brought hundreds of millions of revenue, whether such as "angry birds" this kind of game, or Uber these practical traffic software have made a contribution. Thanks to the iTunes music store had already been a lot of users to bind credit card accounts, so Apple’s app store in the early launch of the success attracted many developers eyes. So far, Apple has paid a total of more than $10 billion to developers, and half of them were paid to developers last year.

apple is expected to have created 300 thousand jobs in the United States with this application ecosystem.

"we didn’t have a platform similar to the App Store before, it fundamentally changed the world." Company CEO Tim – (Tim Cook) held last month at the global Developers Conference, said.

this, Evernote CEO notes cloud service Phil Libin (Phil Libin) said in an interview with Verge The of American science and technology media: "if you look at five years ago in the world you will find that App Store is one of the launch in the same period have the most profound impact on human events."

in fact, Libin for Apple App Store has always been supportive, he thinks this store offers the best chance of close contact with consumers for the majority of application developers, and make some good application developers have the opportunity in the industry bigwigs battle.

overnight, the world has evolved into a ‘elite politics’ (meritocracy) pattern, this change is very alarming, and even some exaggeration