Sina blog shielding Taobao guest link thousands of Taobao passengers suffered heavy losses

first, I started from the end of 08 to try to use Sina blog to do Taobao promotion, then do not too many Taobao customers, after a simple SEO operation, basically able to guarantee a monthly income of 1500-2500. Although the money is not a lot, but for a monthly wage of only 2000 of the migrant workers, or a good income. This continues until the beginning of this year.

recently, suddenly found Taobao passenger revenue fell sharply, from the original average of more than 70 yuan a day down to a block of 20, when the time is still less than $10.

where is the problem? I immediately began to investigate the problem in the end where. First of all, I think I do not do those products search engine rankings gone. Careful verification of the original, those who maintain a good product keywords ranking has not changed, and the new words also have a good ranking. It seems that the problem is not on the flow.

is it a seasonal problem? Users no longer buy my product promotion? Taobao deduction? A number of conjecture, a number of questions have been hovering in my mind.

this question has been puzzling me a few days, today, when I update the Sina blog, inadvertently click on their own promotion of the product link, but the result is a half day did not respond to. Click again, or no response. A closer look, I do not know when to start, Sina has been the promotion of Taobao customers in the link to the shield. Details can be seen: Screenshots are as follows:


note that the lower left corner of the link section is not less

this trick really overwhelming, so many words I have worked hard to keep up not to play its due role. At this time I am excited and angry, excited is confused half long finally found the answer to the question, who is Sina this trick too hard, my broken rations ah.

as a warning for the future, thinking of emergency countermeasures at present, I can do is the high quality of blog promotion link my all in my Taobao guest website Taobao crown shop Daquan If a friend has a good way, please add QQ893383818 tell me, thank you. Finally, I suggest that similar doubts and friends quickly check to modify their own Sina blog address, to minimize losses.