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At present, only part of

to join bloggers, please visit the website of, before September 20, 2007 to fill out and submit your registration form.

– Sina blog advertising, sina is blog users provide separate advertising service.

– bloggers voluntarily join, to complete the registration process and through the audit, joining the Sina blog advertising alliance.

In the process of

1. please read the "Sina blog advertising alliance service agreement" and "Sina blog advertising alliance service policy".

2. fill in detailed personal information. Sina will fill out the information you fill in the necessary audit to ensure that the alliance can provide you with good service.

3. to be passed after the audit, your blog ad will automatically open.

4. get advertising revenue.

special statementDuring the

– October 1, 2007 to the end of December 2007, the alliance entered the commissioning phase, will display normal advertising revenue for you, and the distribution of advertising revenue in accordance with the appropriate "Sina blog advertising service policy".

– during the test run, in the state of technology alliance at any time to adjust, which might lead to part to join the blogger’s income can not correct statistics, will try to avoid damage to the interests of bloggers to join. Please join the blogger understanding.

related questions, please call the customer service hotline: 95105670-2 (local telephone charges according to the standard)

2007 September