Day earn 300 experience scattered


Guangxi Heshan stone Festival concluded today, at the closing of the day, I bought 1 million 670 thousand stone, get the stone, and I feel very comfortable. As the stone Festival guests in the last group of guests at home, want to play StarCraft relax for a while! Didn’t thought full of people, how could not enter. Well, just take these days to record:

can’t play StarCraft a little depressed, just talk about it. Friends play potato StarCraft is good, one day he said a few words, I think no matter to have the inspiration to start business friends or not. StarCraft, in the case of a one – to – one PK, South Korea, like the beginning of the flow of the first sub – base, want to get the economic advantage. But this tactic is also very dangerous, if the opponent was found, an all-out effort to attack, most will suffer a big. But if through a short period of time to start, is behind the automatics.

every day there are nearly 100 friends add me QQ, ask me how to make money and so on. Oh, it’s really hard, don’t you say I’m arrogant, reason, I have so much time. Although I am a businessman, the network is to do business in the mode of operation, but also need a certain amount of time to take care of. Just to answer in this right — do the network to make money, facing the same choices and play StarCraft: what do garbage station, a station on the profit, or to be a normal station seriously, for future earnings? That will have different choices in the fate of different people. Do garbage station can make money immediately, and, the highest efficiency is undoubtedly the garbage station; but generally relatively short-lived, can do more than six months do not change the garbage station is rare. Affected by my friends, most of them only refuse to do, and there is a large garbage station in the end momentum – I do not know if it is my fault. After all, every day hundreds of people who want to make a few easy, as long as the regular station after a long day of hard work to earn a hundred dollars, most of my friends do not how to accept, big deal for a new garbage project to continue. I still hope that young people, or is a new network of friends can seriously do regular stand for the network to provide more resources to make more contributions. Do normal station, when a friend or family member asked what are you doing when you can be proud to stand aside, enjoy your achievements and friends, really is a very happy thing. American general Colin Howell (the name may be wrong) in the mobilization of the war against Japan, said: when you are old, and his family around the stove, can be proud to say that I participated in the…… If the old, or at any time, we can come up with their own stand to see friends and relatives, is also a kind of pride. It depends on the individual’s outlook on life and values.

is closer to home, tell me how to make money in the network.

if it’s a good thing to do, it’s cool!

it tells us that a simple thing, if you do it seriously, do it well, can also benefit