small guess defeat began to guess the outcome, one of Hong Kong’s ten years of entrepreneurial roa

2000 Chen Jun founded a Flash animation company ShowGood, he’s the "big three" created a glorious era of the Flash animation, the Q version of the three culture to the mainstream view. But then the company did not develop good experience, Chen Jun on the road again embarked on a combination of hardware and software of preschool education. This article from the titanium media, I dark horse to share this article hope to help everyone.

I am Chen Jun, more than and 10 years of entrepreneurship in the domestic people in Hongkong, founded in 2000 the country’s first Flash animation company – ShowGood; in 2005 due to various reasons, I left, and now created a treasure. From ShowGood to strange treasure, I would like to share with you my experience, I hope to be able to walk on the road now and I have some inspiration for partners, but also hope to be able to get the support of everyone.

I believe that the Internet will change the world – ShowGood.Com

in 1996, when I first came into contact with my friends in the network, I felt that this magical thing can change the world, I would like to be able to devote themselves to the network to become a part of the world to change with it.

in 1999, the network economy swept the globe, one of the United States, Lanshan electronic greeting card company is very popular, in their web site, users can send each other beautifully designed electronic greeting cards. This form of interaction information makes a pass ten, ten pass 100, global communication, is absolutely viral, fast and furious. I think, if I can in the electronic greeting card design series of figures by the amount of transmission, so as to attract enough eyeballs to gather a certain visibility, like Disney in the animated character, the formation of a brand, this is undoubtedly a huge business prospects.

so in 2000, I came to Guangzhou to set up a network company to do electronic greeting cards, hoping one day to have their own "Mickey mouse".

two, the "big three" hot – from the network company into animation company

in the development of a series of electronic greeting cards in the process I was thinking: how to shape image can more popular? I selected four themes in many ideas, including the Q version of the three themes of my brother’s proposal, and then for the different people are developing. There were a number of students of the Guangzhou Academy of fine arts to help us in the production of electronic greeting cards, I picked one of the students in charge of the theme of three. In the process of development, my requirements are constantly changing and upgrading, and slowly developed content beyond the scope of an electronic greeting card can be loaded, unknowingly formed more than a minute of the network animation.

after the completion of the works published on the company’s website, the feedback information to come soon, is the most popular three series, considering the lack of resources at the time, I stopped the development of other contents of the three series, the full development of three series.