Angel investor Cai Wensheng Grassroots entrepreneurs difficulty in increasing

Li Jingying

each time to participate in some public entrepreneurship, Cai Wensheng angel investors have the same feeling, entrepreneurs under the field of love with a total cellular guest exchange name card, but his real feelings, a lap down can hardly let him remember the entrepreneurs, and the ineffective communication is not blind the significance of enterprise.

from the enterprise point of view, when the need to find out who is the most important problem of financing the most important entrepreneurs. In the view of Cai Wensheng, and the like like look for a needle in the ocean in a number of entrepreneurial activity to investors to spread as the name card, before attending the meeting, for can come into contact with the investor’s biography, investment style and philosophy, past investment projects do a bit of understanding, this fully prepared to communicate more smoothly also, will give investors the impression.

In fact,

, Cai Wensheng believes that the need to do a good job in the search for financing and the need to do a good job in the Internet entrepreneurship is the same truth.

mobile Internet has entered the Red Sea today." Cai Wensheng found, "we said 3 years ago that the mobile Internet business opportunities, many people will say that time is half believe and half doubt, so the creation of innovation. But the fact is that the outbreak of the Internet has exceeded the speed of people’s imagination, the speed of entrepreneurship is accelerating."

as a grassroots entrepreneurs, the Internet is now increasing the difficulty of entrepreneurship, simply rely on a personal idea has been difficult to succeed." Cai Wensheng bluntly, because the product update speed is too fast, by the individual slowly go forward has no chance."

this, at the beginning of the business to clear the way to go in his view becomes very important. Cai Wensheng’s experience is that many people start a business or investment, like to think about the overall pattern of the market and industry 35 years later, and in the Internet era, there are a lot of things have become very fast, want to clear the trend is very important.

"now you want to three years after the market who will be the boss? For example, WeChat will be more important, how to use WeChat to do your thing is very meaningful. This approach can also be applied in other industries, such as health care, you should think after 3 years the medical industry market will do distribution, who will probably run ahead, your business will occupy what position on the inside." He said, want to make it clear that these will be more meaningful, and this estimate and judgment can adjust the entrepreneur’s entire entrepreneurial structure. Far more than in the early stages of thinking about the first year, second years, the number of years to grow much more meaningful."

in addition, for the current mobile Internet portal dispute, Cai Wensheng’s view is that every killer application is a traffic entrance. Now in the field of mobile Internet, no matter what the application, we must first do with the service to do a good job, all the entrance is from the beginning of the application started, the difference is only a platform level. Some applications are based on the most important applications such as communications or games