Mom for days before a large number of canceled transaction statement

to cancel a large number of days before the transaction, the Ali Mama official expressed deep regret for the webmaster, for a lot of reasons to cancel the transaction, Ali mother has done a lot of investigation, the majority of customers is the first time to use Ali mother new feature "bulk purchase" because the operation is not good, resulting in a large number of transactions cancelled and a small number of transactions is cancelled because some members of this practical joke, Ali Mama official staff and the communication, therefore you cause not bother to express our deep regret.

for a large number of cancellations we also do the following functions to modify

1 occupation of advertising time from the original 2 hours to half an hour, is expected next week will be on-line

2 for mail notification process transformation, after the payment of the transaction will be issued a mail notification

3 for all of you, my mother Ali, a large number of cancellations in the transaction, we recommend that you can choose to hide canceled transactions

hope that the majority of owners can be tolerant of our buyers, a large part of the novice, until the majority of buyers are familiar with the operation of our advertising will no longer be idle.  

released using a free flow method of Ali mother brush! 
this paper yesterday a attracted the attention of webmaster, recently in alimama advertising is very much like the hands and feet, in the alimama forum has also aroused widespread controversy about the purchase of advertising and cancel the behavior.