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15 this month, the latest news, sharing economic platform – easy one APP, the official login of major applications market. The current line offline synchronization in Beijing, Shanghai area colleges and universities in the intensive detonated, click in college users, young white-collar demand, and popular acclaim. The software on the line, which means that the current hot sharing economy ushered in the first all types of platform.

reporter found that many of the activities of the market engaged in the sharing of software than the easy one is no longer confined to a vertical field of sharing. But to fully activate the general public’s free productivity, material, time, skills and other resources related to the human resources for the shared core. People upload their own content and content through their own needs, system intelligence for the user to match the model. The world’s original ALL IN ONE model, a fundamental solution to the choice of people from one to another sharing APP trouble.


PWC: over the next ten years to share the scale of more than $335 billion

PWC (PWC international accounting firm) predicts that in 2025 the global share of the economy will be more than 335 billion u.s.. In October 29, 2015, the fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee will be the first plenary session of the economic development and shared resolution "written into the party’s strategic plan, included in the party and the state.

President Xi Jinping, Premier Li Keqiang has delivered an important speech on the development of shared economy. It can be said that the shared economy is the trend of globalization.

in one easy to APP, the user’s all time, space, goods, personal ability, production capacity can be real-time, time sharing transactions. If you do not use items can be short-term rental, also can exchange with others, you can rent the afternoon time, your expertise and skills and people can exchange or trading, you work on the road car, you can share out vacant apartments can be rented out, etc..

life can not see the real value of time, space, goods, personal ability, production capacity. Before the birth of the easy one APP, these can be shared and the value of the transaction and the body is not networked, easy one to make it all change. Platform when a user issued the above supply and demand, intelligent analysis system will be the first time to meet his needs. This is the realization of intelligent life has taken a key step.


team has access to Angel round 20 million boost

it is understood that the easy one founder Mr. Hu Haojie is a world-class university student graduated from New York University’s Stern School of business. At the same time have a degree in philosophy, financial management, he observed, changes in the global economic environment and the progress of technology transformation, the traditional methods of obtaining information and state leaders of the new economy policy attention, insight into the Chinese shared economic industry "energy rich"