To the new retail evolution of traditional retailers need to beware of these short board

Abstract: the new retail, is reshaping to the user experience as the center of the business model, the methodology is through the commercial operator.


recently, the Alibaba founder Ma Yun put forward the concept of "new retail" in the Yunxi conference, which makes the retail industry once again placed in the teeth of the storm.

in recent years, the traditional retail industry began to greatly transition and upgrading, "2015" China chain hundred display, 2015, net profit decline of 55% enterprises, new stores fell 16%, an increase of 39% stores closed shop, closed shop, rational active industry to become the common voice, as more experiential shopping the transformation of self-help weapons.


Wanda, Suning, funtalk active adjustment, after the rainbow, BBK, Tianhe City, accelerating the construction of super commercial complex. What is the new retail, and what will be the problem?

all tricks, or the three


has its own understanding of the new retail everyone, retail enterprises have their own ways to change, but eventually, the identity of the deputy director of the bell, China retail research center or business consultants new retail Secretary cloud Yoko concluded: "the new retail development direction is. To the user experience as the center of the remodeling business model, the methodology is through the commercial operator". Now it seems true, the new retail is still the three major evolutionary path.

one, online and offline interoperability integration (O2O), on behalf of: Suning

2009, Suning ushered in an unprecedented challenge, so Suning choose to re channel the Internet in the physical channel, and comprehensively promote the integration of O2O model.

From the beginning of 2010, launched

, resorted to to do "WAL-MART + Amazon" banner, Suning store became a set display, experience, logistics, customer service, marketing services as one of the Internet stores, cloud store;

to 2013 Suning announced a comprehensive restructuring, renamed "Su ningyun", opened the line under the same price, launched open platform, set up eight division, the acquisition of PPTV, the establishment of "stores + + retail service provider" of the "two wings" strategy.

to the 2014 expansion of department store category, the acquisition of full network, on-line financial products coins treasure, upgrade stores, and then to December 2015 Suning breath lists five areas for future development: venture investment, culture and entertainment, electronic games, sports and public welfare; and finally to the now formed 3 industrial clusters: finance, logistics and the retail system, Suning use 6 years to complete a simple online or offline retailers transformation, and construct a new industrial ecology O2O.

especially in retail, October 18th, held a "double crossing eleven City: · Hui · play" released "