SF sea Amoy sale also officially launched


] January 9th news billion state power network, 9 o’clock this morning, the electricity supplier website Shun Fenghai Amoy import SF EXPRESS’s "(sfht.com) officially launched the trial operation after half a month.


billion state power network, SF sea Amoy is used in sale and mall combined mode, the category includes baby products, health food, beauty care products, mainly from Europe and the United States, Australia, Japan and South korea. According to the introduction on the page, the site formally launched, every day there are 3 special events to participate in the purchase of goods, all goods on the site with the price tax.

According to the

website, SF sea Amoy integrated overseas electricity supplier website, international warehousing and logistics, payment and other resources, all goods from overseas direct mining. In the logistics time, the United States, Europe, Japan and Australia line normally takes about 15 working days, Hongkong warehouse goods were issued only 7-10 days, by SF express responsible for domestic distribution part. In the payment, SF sea Amoy has access to Alipay users, after confirming the payment will automatically jump to the Alipay page.

however, at present, the number of SF sea Amoy website commodity is very limited, the page display is relatively simple, only divided into "sale" and "extreme sea Amoy two sub channels. At the same time, because the site is not set shopping cart, consumers can only single commodity orders.

According to

billion state power network to understand, as early as last November, SF is promoting the "Alexander" sea Amoy project to be exposed, and in December 26th, SF sea Amoy exposed the true face of Mount Lu, enter the test phase. According to the website, as of the official on-line before the test period, a total of 350 thousand registered users.

in fact, from the beginning of this year, SF the sea Amoy business to do a lot of layout. In early April, SF launched a personal sea Amoy consumer products transport sea purchase Feng Yun (Sfbuy), and in August launched overseas direct purchase, purchasing businesses global Shun logistics products. At the same time, SF EXPRESS is also working with a number of foreign electricity supplier website including America watches discount mall Ashford, China opened direct mail business.

in November last year, SF’s another SF preferred electricity supplier has also launched a "preferred international", with the main products imported milk first cut into the business market, and declared that the future will bring to the expansion of the category of health care products, leisure food etc..