Taobao conversion rate doubled and why

first, store data

1 store level: Taobao C shop, double crown

2 main categories: Children’s shoes / Baby Shoes / child shoes

3 baby case: entity online synchronization

4 Baby sales: the promotion of a single baby products based on sales of about 70

5 dynamic rating:


Compared with the

score and dynamic peer, and peer description is flat, is lower than the industry level in the service and delivery, the baby is welcome, in customer service and delivery over the need to strengthen and improve the dynamic score store also can increase the weight of the shop.

two, industry data


this is the industry data shoes sandals, you can see children sandals hot month is in May, the entire industry in addition to brand is the number in the chain increased, other data are in decline, the industry competitiveness of the shoes can be seen bigger.

second is a children’s sandals selling a single product list, the main analysis to the baby, selling off the price of the average about 30 yuan higher sales of baby. You can see and meet the key keywords of their shop type hot baby in the title.

three, Taobao train data

1 selected paragraph


this style is based on the above market data to choose from. May this season is not a very high temperature point, so parents give their children to choose the main permeability is good shoes. Follow up the top selling baby can be seen, the price is generally not very high selling shoes, selling baby good title, are tennis shoes, shoes, baby shoes.

2 to improve the show, optimize the click rate

any baby in the car, the first day you need to look at the data is displayed and click rate. One goal of Taobao is to train the baby out, to see if more buyers, buyers even see our shop inside the baby, don’t sell more. With the amount of the show, the next is the test click rate, click rate feedback is the first baby is the main map and baby style is popular, is a popular favorite.

3 focuses on how to improve ROI

traffic, the focus is how to improve the input-output ratio, which is the ultimate wish of all sellers. Improve ROI, mainly from three points:

(1) increased conversion rate

how to improve the conversion rate, the train can do that on the key words, mainly