Also God a clear C2B to create a new model of consumption

ten years, e-commerce has profoundly affected and changed our lives. But behind the rapid growth, there is a problem that has always plagued consumers: consumers are still vulnerable groups, they are often looking for their own goods or services and constantly running around. Not only that, to find out the business, because the professional content knowledge is limited, the information asymmetry of the involved, and thus unable to consumers in a strong business negotiation, have to passively at the mercy of

as a model of C2B innovators and practitioners, in June 16, 2009, the preparation of several years of "trick to see – the Chinese people’s bidding network," the official website. Previously, the bidding has been used by the government for a project construction or commodity trading and take a means. Trick to see the site is breaking a new path: "for the people of the tender". In this free website, a move, wedding, labor, expert services and other needs of the consumer demand and its own budget can be released through the Internet or call the hotline, numerous small and medium-sized enterprises can conduct free bidding. Consumers can save money, time to get the psychological active consumer experience, businesses can save advertising and sales team at the same time to get more business opportunities, and truly achieve win-win situation. At the same time recruit see also provides expert advice and other interactive mutual information service, reveal the industry unspoken rule, list of consumer items, so that people consume as clear as noonday.

my opinion, the Internet is a lot of things, civilians". "People can also bid on the Internet, all sorts of problems which largely changes the insufficient, previously existing in the process of consumption of asymmetric information, opaque due to the utmost to help consumers fully select a service provider."

this also means that C2B as an innovative concept surfaced. In foreign countries, Google investors, venture capital circles Godfather JohnDoerr C2B website has made such an evaluation: it is the latest breakthrough in the existing e-commerce model". Because the core of this mode is to enhance the right to speak with the strong individual through the aggregation of relative vulnerable groups, and finally get more interests. Recruit look is to allow businesses to find consumers, and through competition and online and offline interactive way to get business opportunities C2B e-commerce new application.

"C" decision-making power

and the traditional way to take the money to find the time consuming business model is different, the trick is to use reverse thinking. Trick trick, not the buyer to find the seller, but the seller to find buyers. That is to say, consumers do not have Chuaizhe money over the line or the Internet looking for businesses, only need to put your own needs for people on the network platform, naturally there are a lot of businesses competing for the business opportunities.

win-win platform

is a win-win platform for both the individual and the enterprise, C2B. Especially in people