Net red Festival has! Secret net how to earn hundreds of millions of electricity providers

530 network red Festival is approaching, the network red economy once again aroused concern. But, you know, those in your eyes the red net around all day, they may be a billionaire


is already 30 years old, red net wie finished make-up is entirely a 90 red net. It is reported that small Wei makeup makeup every day time will occupy a few hours, every picture must be strictly through the audit to open her. More importantly, Taobao opened a clothing electricity supplier in her annual income of millions. In fact, in millions of years into red net is not unusual, the annual income of millions or even billions have recently had the media, the network Reds Wang Sicong’s girlfriend Sydney – the red net and Taobao or women’s shop owner at the age of 26, the Taobao store sales of nearly half a billion dollars.

mentioned models, we think of professional, high cold, when the model suffered the Internet, the industry is undergoing tremendous changes. In recent years the development of e-commerce, and promote the rapid development of industry chain, and produced a series of new occupation, like network bargainers, network decorators, network anchor, and the most popular network model to the number of red, and the "red net model + Taobao shop" for red net money gold collocation.

Shanghai yingmo culture development limited company president Zheng Yi said to the first financial reporters in recent years, electric network models began quietly rising red. Especially with the development of the industry, business model is no longer the eyes of the people with the sellers take a few photos so simple, the emergence of a number of business models in the red net group, the red net using the influence of personal social platform, start Denver fans economy, the rapid development of the Internet, the model industry quietly upgrade, 2 era is coming.

electricity supplier network red fire?

electricity supplier network tends to Taobao clothing store entrance.

in Sydney, for example, her Taobao store opened since the end of 2011, the cumulative turnover of praise has reached about 1300000 pen (shop more than the actual sales amount of praise, Taobao provides buyers a month up to 5 units of praise), if in accordance with the store merchandise the average price of 240 yuan estimated total sales more than 300 million. Only the last half year, the store turnover comments from nearly 460 thousand pen, sales easily billions of dollars.

like Sydney this girl in Taobao there are many sales came in front of her, Zhang Dayi, Zhao Daxi, Zhang Chaolin (LIN), is also the network red background. Today, the total data statistics of this group has more than 1000. In 2015, Taobao announced the women’s platform C shop (non Tmall store) annual sales ranking TOP10, from the red net stores have 5, is sweeping the half of the country.

Guotai Junan

chief analyst Lv Ming believes that the textile and garment industry by starting social electricity supplier apparel supply chain will become the first to benefit from the network economy industry red."

to Zhejiang City, Yiwu, for example, the current electricity supplier industry output value has reached 100 billion, Yiwu >