Smart home evolution not just networking let all live up

Tencent technology Zhu Xudong reported on November 29th

almost all people want to live a more intelligent life, such as the morning sun rises with the curtain is slowly opened, such as indoor temperature at the door before has been adjusted to the most comfortable state, such as a shower before the balcony window will automatically avoid wet clothes.

in SmartThings CEO Alex Hawkinson home, these can be easily achieved. Smarthings is a networking company, they produce all kinds of "smart interface" devices, help home appliances and furniture to achieve networking function, and can directly control the household appliances from the mobile phone.

and intelligent hardware entrepreneurial hot this year is the same as that of SmartThings is also raised by the public platform Kickstarters a hit. Recently, the company has just completed a round of $12 million 500 thousand financing.

before SmartThings, iPod father Tony Fadell startups Nest Labs has made people see the future of smart home. And SmartThings is different, Nest Labs direct production of intelligent devices to replace the original equipment in people’s homes.

Nest Labs currently launched a total of two models, namely intelligent temperature controller and intelligent smoke. There are two common points of these two devices, first, almost all North American families in the home will have such a device, and the use of these devices is not the two of the two, people rarely perceive the existence of these devices, the use of these devices, the use of these devices are not the same, there are two devices.

There are also many domestic

company began to enter into the Home Furnishing intelligent hardware business, including Air.Air intelligent air purifier! And the successful completion of the financing at Kickstarter, L-Remote intelligent remote control has started selling, Hangzhou Gubei Electronic Technology Co. Ltd. (BroadLink) smart sockets production also received good market response.

smart phones and mobile Internet is a prerequisite for the realization of smart home

no matter what kind of smart home devices, almost all will have networking and sensing capabilities, and these two are closely related to the development of mobile internet.

from the network perspective, the popularity of mobile Internet, so many families realize wireless Internet coverage; from the sensing function, is the development of intelligent mobile phone, which makes all kinds of sensors began to spread and the emergence of various innovation. The smart phone itself, it is likely to become the future of smart home console.

Nest Labs thermostat and smoke is the transformation of these two devices to join the network and more sensors, so that they can understand the user’s habits, such as understanding the most appropriate room temperature, and to determine the