Cooperation and public comment, save Parkson Department Store

the department store industry is not so good, Parkson is three consecutive years profits slump, stop closing.

Parkson Department store brand

veteran said, they really need to consumers, many consumers.

in the further impact of electronic business platform, in 2014, the domestic retail industry overall situation is very bad, only less than 1/5 of the stores can maintain the previous level of sales, the rest of the market performance of the general decline in 20-30%; there were 23 department stores put up the shutters, one of the most serious Parkson closed 4 stores, the newly opened the 5 stores are all invest in the second tier city.

Parkson closed shop, the biggest reason is not to make money: in 2014, the total sales of the group fell 4.23%, profit fell 33.5%. This is the Parkson profits for three consecutive years has experienced a serious decline, and each shut down with a severe loss of stores, but also to the owners of spending a lot of money cancellation fee.

only the throttle is not enough, but also open source: June 30th, Parkson announced a strategic cooperation with public comment, which will be the Parkson 60 store in the city offers 34 "situational awareness" solution of O2O is simple, according to the geographical location information, comprehensive entrance Parkson Shopping Mall directly pushed to near public comment on the user, we guide the mall to buy something back.

public comment for so many years, you are probably most familiar with or use it to solve the problem of idle away in seeking pleasure. But Lou Xiaobo, vice president of public comment vertical business, said: in the same area catering consumption of users, there will be 56% shopping consumption, the user is very high degree of coincidence. Public comment from last year opened a shopping channel, to provide users with a richer experience."

At the same time that

Parkson, which is located in Shanghai Huaihailu Road flagship store is hardware transformation, including Wi-Fi, iBeacon building, laying payment docking, with docking system with online user reviews.

but the case from intime cooperation with the Alibaba can be seen in the transformation to pay part of the experience, just a part of the department store industry "net" aspects of the work: intime at present not only has its own website and Tmall flagship store, there are several mobile shopping in APP, inventory management, payment and membership system and other aspects. Have achieved the open online and offline.

in a research report in 2014, the market research firm Mintel pointed out: most of the top department store group has been involved in the field of online, but many brands online business profit is minimal, because they are lack of collecting consumer data, as well as the transformation of the internal structure of business technology.

but in order to compete with the increasingly obvious online retailers to seize the market, to maintain a certain competitiveness, the traditional department store brand in a short time