Wanda fly who set the target, five years after the master of China’s 60% – 70% of the consumer popul

Abstract: to fifast appearance as a symbol, Wanda has found Internet plus the feeling. Wanda in network financial domain, a total of five major sections: big data applications, credit services, credit networks, mobile payment and fly here. The core of the five plates, are actually pointing to fly here.


Wanda fly in the new year and a new action.

January 20th, fifast and Xinhua Department Store Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the 8 Xinhua Department Store Group’s new headquarters, CC mall, the old building shop shopping center will be fully stationed fifast open platform. And in the two days before the release, Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin disclosed in the Hongkong forum for Asia financial Wanda financial network O2O strategy.

Wanda network as one of the five sectors of finance, the value of the value of the platform to fly in the eyes of Wang Jianlin is like this:

has formed a consensus within the company, the future of the largest value of Wanda sector is flying, because the world does not have any organization can do with 7~8 million consumer groups and 2 million merchant data.

"7~8 million", Wanda financial network computing 2020 Wanda cooperation business center store is expected to store number (by 2020, Wanda business center 5000, 8 million passengers per year store consumption calculation, the year 2020 is expected to store 40 billion people, per capita annual consumption to the shop 50 times, is 800 million people), and "2 million merchant data", is closely related to the expansion of the scale of fifast.


from July 31, 2015 fifast officially launched, fifast expansion is yiqijuechen. Including Wanda Plaza, including the 600 shopping centers and fly open platform to reach a strategic cooperation, which is where the development of flying time line:

October 24, 2015, Wuzhou international group’s 16 shopping centers in fifast;

in December 21st to fly any investment platform on-line;

December 28th, BBK group’s 32 shopping centers stationed in the open platform……

with the Xinhua Department Store Group 8 shopping centers settled, where the expansion of the aircraft has been all over the north, Southeast, South and northwest regions.

Fei Fan expansion strategy

statistics show that there are about more than 4 thousand and 200 commercial centers in China, the normal operation of the more than 3 thousand, do not operate well there are more than 1 thousand. The department stores, supermarkets all count, the number of national commercial center more than 10 thousand.

careful observation at present and the business group fifast Wuzhou international cooperation, whether or BBK, or the Xinhua Department store, are well-known brands in the region and even the country’s. The most critical thing is that these giants once the cooperation, not just a single shopping mall settled, but the number of