Jumei.com admitted that failure of third party merchants selling 8 fidelity measures

jumei.com successful listing in the United states.

was born on 1983 in jumei.com CEO Chen ou to personal independence of conduct way for their own business endorsement, this year, work only 4 years of jumei.com’s successful listing in the United States, leaving the young founder taylor. However, since Chen Ou founded jumei.com, and questioned the aura is as the shadow follows the form of selling fake.

days ago, the media reported that the jumei.com third party merchants watch Lucky sunny suspected of selling fake products, and detailed exposure of its entire operation chain. Jumei.com once again pushed to the spotlight, but this time the greater impact.


jumei.com admitted that third party merchants selling

third party platform business accounted for almost half the share of jumei.com

July 28th, the Tencent of science and technology published the "unannounced electricity supplier fake chain: Poly America suspected of selling fake art platform reported" the depth of investigation. Reported that in June 15th the jumei.com round famous sale, shoe bags sale in the first column and the position of the second column is to the two so-called network wide minimum and official authorization genuine bargains brands – Armani and Burberry. Hidden behind these two brands is lucky sunny vest "". Point into two brands, a large number of luxury watches, shoes, bags appear on the page, and the show is more has been robbed of the word. Among them, the original price of 5000 yuan is now 2~3 fold watches sell accounted for more than half of the two brands of goods.

report, caused uproar in the community, well-known business analyst Li Chengdong believes that this report caused the entire electricity supplier industry shock, "the whole industry is nervous". For this, jumei.com issued a statement in response said it had launched an emergency investigation has been closed lucky sunny shop, and all the goods from the third party platform emergency stop sale of the shelf.

in our qualification review process for the third party platform business, the company has produced a complete business licenses, related merchandise authorization, the relevant import declaration of goods, information and cooperation with a number of electricity supplier. We are conducting a thorough investigation of the company’s qualifications and supply. Jumei.com said in a statement, "we will not tolerate the third party platform to harm the interests of consumers merchants. Division I do not rule according to the final investigation, take relevant legal measures of "lucky sunny.". Never shirk their responsibilities. For the third party platform qualification review errors, cooperation merchant business process vulnerabilities, we will be in line with the responsible attitude of consumers, deep reflection, accountability, serious rectification and treatment." In the jumei.com business model, take a self + third party "transport mode. According to its prospectus disclosure, in 2013 the total GMV (total turnover) of $817 million, of which the proprietary business GMV was $413 million, then you can simply calculate the third party business GMV $404 million. > >