Chinese such Chinese domain name is really suitable for universal

      these days in the webmaster online to see a few articles about the whole Chinese domain of little information, this part of the contents of " the reporter learned today, China will usher in the historical opportunity for the development of Chinese domain, "Chinese Chinese." the whole Chinese domain will become the mainstream China next generation Internet address. "

      I don’t know if it’s true, but I don’t understand it. Why do Chinese people have to use " Chinese. Chinese " such a domain name? I have the following questions really can not figure out, and we have to explore.

      1." Chinese. China " such domain name input? Chinese typing level how high? Take " activity network Chinese ( " for example, ~! Input " on the screen; Chinese. Chinese activity network & quot; fast or enter the fast? Use pinyin typing friends you need to count how many times the keyboard, but also in the list you need to find the words, Pinyin quickly with five pen than is possible, but you have not to think which word chaizi root after the keyboard? This series of things didn’t need how long, but it only seems complex input letters is many


      I see what is the input alphabet, find corresponding to the keyboard, why should the simple things become cumbersome up? "Chinese. China" is popular in order to prove what? That Chinese only know Chinese characters do not know the letters we learn from one? How are the first to learn a, O, e….? And not start writing Chinese characters? There is no simple to complex. Now people pay attention to is the complicated things simple, but why is it that I can see is the simple things complicated


      2." Chinese. Chinese " such a domain name has the prospect of Chinese characters is a lot, but the Chinese characters can be arbitrary combination of it? Take the "activities of China Network" these characters to give an example, the Chinese activity network is a phrase. China " can be letters? To express the meaning of the domain name China network activity is even more simply, and the related activities can be called network Chinese, so that the number of domain names to expand the scope, the only way to make the presentation of the number of Internet users increased China.

      imagine, because people will have a website, the corresponding content, the content will have readers. Many people do the site, the market will have competition. The intensity of competition and interaction