Online shopping new regulations will focus on integrity constraints

although the rapid growth of online shopping market, but due to lack of integrity caused by the proliferation of fake online shopping is an inevitable problem. Alibaba group chairman of the board Ma said yesterday (December 20th), to jointly build next year network network planning, so that the integrity of the network to obtain more profit.

about the great domestic market especially e-commerce market Alibaba, many business users and Taobao sellers "West", in Sichuan on the weekend, held third net goods fair. At the meeting, Ma did not deny the fact that there are fake online, online fake phenomenon, Ma said, will launch a "revolution" — promoting network planning and construction and network operators, the integrity of "use".

combat fakes online must be there, but there is a lack of laws and regulations to improve the domestic network transactions. Previously, China Electronic Commerce Association Jingdong mall, pat Network and many other organizations jointly announced the launch of the online trading service format contract demonstration text ", including" the electronic commerce website user service agreement "," electronic commerce website product release rules "and other content, but still remain in the" fake folk "situation, but also the lack of participation in the mainstream website.

diamond, crown, etc. these as a reference level of the seller’s orders Taobao buyers reference, but also the phenomenon of false brush credit level. Billion yuan investment in the fake Taobao, will be locked for the integrity of network planning focus next year.

it is understood that this year, China will be more than 230 billion yuan net retail goods, Taobao occupy most of the market share in the online retail market, Taobao and strive to next year’s turnover of more than $400 billion. Ma Yun said that there are fakes on Taobao, more net goods, but more than fake goods network. Through the norms of network transactions, e-commerce will become the most mainstream commodity sales channels.