Why Jingdong launched the JDPhone program

Two days before

, a Jingdong responsible person said micro-blog sign Jingdong to launch JDPhone, thought it was the beginning of the Jingdong to independent research and development of mobile phone, and later learned to joint Jingdong is the world’s leading mobile phone manufacturers customized machine research and development, but the premise is to fully understand the needs of users in the condition. According to Jingdong’s development strategy should be to take the C2B model, the user needs to build a mobile phone resources within the precise size of the user to buy to achieve the purpose of occupying the mobile terminal.

actually, this strategy before some companies used, but the results can be used to describe too horrible to look at. Millet, Ali, Baidu, 360, Shanda have launched their own customized mobile phone, will be built into their own features into the phone, but ultimately to the size of the user’s circle of little. The first settled plan "JDPhone" ZTE’s high-end brand Nubian mobile phone sales, only to wait for some time to know. Why Jingdong to launch JDPhone program at this time?.

(1) for the rise of the mobile Internet smart terminal applications for consumers but not fine

mobile Internet rise, major mobile phone manufacturers have launched their own brand of mobile phones, in addition to the built-in commercial applications, consumers need to download the application to be used independently. It is well known that some of the mobile phone business applications will affect the consumer’s subjective freedom of choice, but had to be forced to uninstall through prison break. In other words, the factory is not the end of the intelligent terminal consumers favorite. How can we be bound to the consumer’s favorite intelligent terminal equipment above it is the key to all problems. Mobile phone manufacturers said that as long as the CPU frequency, GPU response speed, hardware design and other factors, consumers will certainly love. From the point of view of rigid products, this is indeed a good idea. But from the perspective of software products, this product is too low, in addition to the hardware and commercial applications, what consumers can get from this mobile phone? And after the popularity of mobile intelligent terminal equipment, choose the escape of a few, in addition to flawed system needs to be upgraded, the problem of the estimation is the application of collocation. Jingdong at this time the main push JDPhone plan is to understand the needs of the user in the depth of the situation before going out of this step. More precisely, the Jingdong is the main member of the behavior statistics after the main push this plan.

Jingdong as vice president Wang Xiaosong said, because the Jingdong currently has more than one hundred million registered users, only mobile phone users reached 30 million, 7 years time has sold about 30000000 smart mobile phone, the user has accumulated and feedback, and the ability to customize mobile phone. Yes, Jingdong is through the data analysis has the potential to make customized mobile phones. This is fundamentally different from the previous blind application of customized mobile phone products. Through the accumulation of data analysis is only the first step to customize the phone, followed by Jingdong will be e-books, digital music and virtual operators, etc.