Home food will feature the takeaway business giants

O2O in the current fierce competition in the field, facing the BAT giants of the competition, how to break through and counter attack, is all entrepreneurial companies in this industry need to face the problem and thinking path.

takeaway field, the main community home users will be able to survive under the story of the giants of food, perhaps to give some inspiration.

original published in the financial world magazine, which is edited version.

original Zhu Xiaopei


home gourmet CEO Sun Hao

BAT at the end of 2013, large-scale incoming takeaway market, industry veteran sun Haolve anxiety. Sometimes he wakes up at night wondering what the company should do until dawn. But he sometimes tell myself don’t think too much, you can do is hold up, and then wait for the time change."

immediately, is the home of the sixth year of the establishment of food. In 2010, Sun Hao resigned from the Lihua fast-food executive positions, according to the Grubhub, founded the home delivery platform will delicacy (hereinafter referred to as the "home"), became the founder, and to attract their Lihua and wireless technology company Hurray’s former colleagues, want to do a bit of a sense of the future of big business. According to Sun Hao at the time, the business could reach billions of dollars in the future.

, however, the future is ahead. By the end of 2013, the United States mission, Ali, Baidu have announced a takeaway business, start-up companies are hungry to get a lot of investment. By January 2015, hungry, announced the acquisition of $350 million E round of financing, at this time from its previous round of $80 million financing just over the past 8 months.

room became a Dafengkou, home also got $50 million D round of financing Jingdong. However, with the increasingly fierce and brutal competition environment, the wind blew on the tuyere is not a good taste.

in accordance with the burn mode and speed, in 2015 and may take out a taxi, reached its peak in the development history of the whole Internet industry. Easy to use the car CEO Zhou hang said, is to throw the money to the rhythm of the fire – to burn hundreds of billions of dollars a month. In accordance with the assessment of the home, the fourth quarter of 2015, Baidu is about to burn more than $300 million per month, the United States and the group also want to burn more than $200 million.

home will inevitably be passive into the burn war. And let Sun Hao really feel the pressure, not the United States to take away, not hungry, but Baidu. "I can admit that when I took away 5 years ago, I didn’t see Baidu doing it myself, it was the biggest change. Baidu has invested a lot of money to get the takeaway business, to some extent, showing its strong, but also showed its weakness. Because the main business positions by the new company many new areas of dilution, so to deign to do a small company to do."