2013 Taobao TOP10 shop ranking exposure all from Tmall


] April 9th news billion state power network, electricity supplier veteran exposed in 2013 Taobao and Tmall platform store sales ranking TOP10, ranked according to the data provided through the information. TOP10 shops are all Tmall flagship store, and all women’s shops.

sales in 2013 ranked ten in the top of the store is based on sales from March 2013 to March 2013 were arranged. Which ranks first among the shops are Starry Tmall flagship store, store annual sales reached 638 million 200 thousand; followed by Yan man flagship store sales of more than 600 million. However, according to the picture, the information on the sales of the flagship store seems to have a problem.


Liebo clothing flagship store sales 496 million 700 thousand, ranking third; Artka official flagship store sales 405 million, ranking fourth. Ranked fifth in the Osa clothing flagship store sales of up to 292 million 800 thousand, ranked first in the first language flagship store sales of 292 million 200 thousand in the year of sixth. A big pink doll flagship store tenth, sales of 233 million.

, which ranked seventh, eighth, ninth of the store is the traditional women’s brand flagship store: Ochirly official flagship store, ONLY official flagship store and Veromoda official flagship store sales were 287 million 700 thousand, 272 million and 250 million.

industry insiders said that before 2011, Taobao TOP sellers are mainly concentrated in the market shops, but with the changing market, TOP sellers have been transferred to Tmall flagship store. As can be seen, there is no new Taobao idol debut this year, but also to support the efforts of Tmall platform is relatively large, especially for the flagship store."