Electricity generation operation of traditional industries into the boat in 2012

According to iResearch

research report shows that in 2011 China’s e-commerce market transactions amounted to 7 trillion yuan, an increase of 46.4% in 2010. Traditional enterprises to further increase the intensity of electricity supplier. In 2012, China’s e-commerce industry will be more mature, more intense competition. However, by the end of 2011, Metersbonwe as the representative of traditional service brand, has invested about 60000000 yuan into a high-profile e-commerce, taking into account the profit guarantee, recently decided to stop the operation of e-commerce business platform of the State purchasing network. Mo Guozhong believes that this news, for e-commerce industry "sellers" – generation operation industry, such as XinDa Xingchang has 10 years of business enterprises, may be a good news.


electricity supplier on behalf of the operation, so that professional people to do professional things

on behalf of the operating companies are an important force in traditional enterprises involved in e-commerce, from the website construction, marketing, warehousing and logistics distribution channels to each link, on behalf of the operating companies involved in e-commerce, like the courier, here has a very professional talent and team, does not require enterprises to establish their own express team, then study on the mode of delivery, of course, like Jingdong, like that except. If the traditional enterprise network can do like this size, that is another matter, said here is to have a good product, need the Internet among small business owners. But that said, the electricity supplier on behalf of the operators, the industry really do well on behalf of the operating companies are very rare, like Wuzhou online, Bao Chun, ancient star and XinDa are also xingchang.

generation operators, is to seize market opportunities, motor

recently, the 2012 traditional industry network views, interviewed 2010-2011 Ai Ruixin prize in Economics (e-commerce) the best electricity supplier Chinese generation operation service company Xingchang XinDa responsible person, usually on behalf of the operating companies are "light", take the Taobao store as an example, a few years in the Taobao open shop familiar with Taobao rules in operation, in a sense, they have rich experience, and do not control the supply, or logistics, is only responsible to help brands in the online shop, in front of the display of goods, to obtain orders, the enterprises, especially the traditional business is very good, can let the the way to attract more operators, when the coverage of the brand, the influence of products reached a certain scale, then the generation operation right to recover.

The traditional

network industry, need to "hold"

in depth interview on behalf of the operators, especially when it comes to the key point, an annual sales of hundreds of millions of yuan clothing brand to talk about cooperation, saying that certain clothing brand line sales than his own, but on the Internet can do a year sales of 50 million yuan. But if you give Xingchang XinDa to do on behalf of the operator, can also do a year sales of