Electricity supplier entrepreneurs how to break the first day of Ali after the listing of the Jingdo

once a year shopping Carnival "double eleven" is coming, many consumers are now constantly to the shopping cart add things, businesses are also preparing wildly beating gongs and drums inventory, marketing and customer service…… Ali after the listing of the Jingdong for the first time I have ten what new changes, the electricity supplier entrepreneurs how to prepare to play double eleven, harvest the ideal performance. After dark Q invited Wang Wengang, founder of textile excellent spread electricity supplier strategy analyst Li Chengdong Ali listed for everyone to answer the Jingdong, electricity supplier entrepreneurs how to play double eleven


asked 1: Ali, Jingdong listed this year, according to the two to understand the first two listed after the two companies will have any new action


Wang Wengang: my personal feeling is that Jingdong will attack, Tmall will attack defense. Because the double eleven is still done at Tmall, other schools are not willing to November electricity only a lively, so be attacked, no burden, while Tmall has just listed to do the performance, so Tmall is the first attack after defense. But we will not be small.

Li Chengdong: in previous years, the new gameplay such as C2B (fresh and home appliances) and O2O, this year, basically not too loud, indicating that the effect of previous years in general, or in the implementation of their own encountered a huge obstacle.

this year, if you look at the big aspects, there are only two points can be focused on the electricity supplier sellers, one is the cross-border electricity supplier platform, especially the fast selling pass; one is a wireless platform. From the proportion of wireless electricity providers, Ali is indeed far ahead, with more than 85% of the market.

but if a careful analysis of the WeChat deal, Alipay finally turnover and other factors, in the wireless business Tencent WeChat is a threat to ali. So in this year eleven, Ali will give more resources to help users migrate to wireless, wireless radio as soon as possible Taobao and Alipay!! some of the details, usually promotional activities, should not have too much difference and in previous years, and even fewer! Because fancy and impractical, every year many businesses continue to pit, so play, businesses are better than in previous years, so with the seller.

asked 2: Double eleven and less than three days, at present you have to observe what are the applause of the double electricity supplier planning in order to do this year’s electricity supplier planning, what can be done from the?

Wang Wengang: this problem is good, this year’s double eleven GXG, some planning Yin, very good, rain free, lost her boyfriend, these are very good planning and creative, which attract attention and emotional communication, at the same time, also can spread. Spread the brand, but also led to sales.

as for the planning of eleven, and now it is too late to prepare, we are generally in the beginning of June to prepare for planning.

Li Chengdong: Jingdong tit for tat "blind Amoy Amoy and fake" interesting ads! Because one of the advantages of B2C are authentic licensed, although the open platform will inevitably be fake too! So this.