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"double 11" to celebrate the big, very few people will pay attention to the third party payment behind all crazy online shopping silently play the role. With the rise of the Internet on the Internet more and more diverse forms and channels of consumption, such as the sea Amoy, and even the rise of Internet banking and other financial models, the third party payment has begun its own evolution and development.

"fire up" to bring the sea Amoy cross-border payment

from the United States in October this year, the second largest retailer Costco stationed in the beginning of Tmall, it means that the double 11 open sea Amoy new battlefield. With the background of internationalization of the Amazon Chinese also high-profile layout, the end of October this year, Amazon announced that the United States, Germany, China Spain, France, Britain and Italy, 6 of the world’s Chinese site opened direct mail service, involving a total of about 80000000 international selection. In the "double 11" period, Amazon China will also try operation overseas purchase new service. early in September on the fast money company, COSCO Logistics and other enterprises and Guangzhou signed the "on the customs clearance of cross-border trade e-commerce regulatory cooperation memorandum", to prepare for the "global sale business.

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EnfoDesk enfodesk monitoring data show that from 2010 to 2013, China shopping overseas turnover of more than 80 billion yuan rose to about 10000000000 yuan from. It is expected that by 2018, sea Amoy scale will reach 1 trillion yuan. According to reports, in order to cross-border business in the forefront of the fast money company as an example, has been targeting the sea Amoy this gold market, actively open up cross-border payment links, is currently in the field of cross-border payment fast money has established a relatively mature system of products, has launched a single card, including overseas purchase, cross-border RMB a series of leading innovative products. Fast money company chairman Guan Guoguang believes that with the expansion of the scale of cross-border payments, for the third party payment mechanism, the first time to go overseas to service the way, must pay scale will increase in the future, the payment type will diversity. On the other hand, the number of foreign enterprises held by the increase in the number of foreign funds will be returned to the territory of the investment will no doubt greatly increased. The process of creating the type of business and services will be a huge industry, which gives third party payment companies to bring huge business space.

"hot" crowdfunding spawned innovation business model

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in the context of the Internet, all the chips become a new and interesting business model of the Internet, and some third party payment companies in the Internet financial enterprises support, raise all the way to make many attempts. In this year’s "double 11" period, the Jingdong financial and real estate giant offshore real estate launched cross-border cooperation, launched the 11 yuan to raise Shoufu, the highest save you 477 thousand! "Campaign, consumers set up round. Internet banking as a "new star" financial Jingdong, adhere to innovation, has achieved rapid growth, financial data show that the Jingdong’s Jingdong all the chips on the line for 4 months, in China crowdfunding product Top10, Jingdong to raise public platform.