The example is China electric counter attack how to do

Chinese business is indeed a very lively field, to Tmall, Jingdong, to Dangdang, where customers,, everyone bursts to point sensational news, price war, war, slobber listing drama frequently staged, but in the pursuit of the scale of the Chinese electric business, rarely see profitable game player. Even Jingdong such B2C giants, but also can not avoid the embarrassing loss. This is not a bit ironic. This forced us to re-examine whether the scale is the primary guarantee for electricity supplier profits, at least for now, adhere to the unique style of to bring you a different way.

from the current point of view, is still doing a focus on the sale of the site, although already on the market, but in recent years rare category expansion, compared with Dangdang, where customers, seems to have no necessity of profit. But is doing all this, and behind this success is not all lucky, more is a clever operation thinking.

focus on commodity management. As just mentioned, is a sale website, its product presentation is also very simple, usually brand + discount + sale time show, giving consumers extremely intuitive impression. But is very clear on what consumers win, that is the brand of smell, consumer preferences, the sale of goods of the collocation, so all along in enhancing the quality of buyers, to ensure that the provision of goods, fashion generous enough, and customer price control in the range of acceptable, real sale to achieve the ultimate.

does not focus on self logistics, but focus on dynamic operational capabilities. Until now, has no one to belong to own third party logistics system, the distribution of goods from the whole, but it still does not affect as the development of the electricity supplier website, it is because the real-time transformation focused on goods makes on the SKU response. According to statistics, every seven days in the warehousing goods will all change, the efficiency is estimated in the Chinese business are very rare, perhaps it is thought that this high level of warehouse management system makes the only product not too tangled in the construction of logistics system.

listed at the right time.’s listing can be said to be a basis for its success. Because the listed companies to give the benefits of nothing more than brand and financing. From the current situation, listed does help win more brands to support, Freddie, Meng Jie textile, Oubailannu are then joined, it proved that has been listed on the hitherto unknown attention and support, make the capital market to re-establish confidence in

seeks to differentiate the development of luxury goods. In fact, sometimes we love to another form the only product as is a luxury website, but I want to say is from a luxury development, there is no stable commodity supply chain, that is to say no supply of luxury site foundation >