People don’t pay much attention to domain name skills

if you want people to remember your web site, you should let others see your domain name. For a long time to remember your web site. Have you noticed the following?

1, the beginning of the domain name is the number of WWW in the address bar when the input, the drop-down menu appears to be in front of the user for a long time to remember. The smaller the number, the more forward, from 0 to 9. Such as, when the user has visited the site, after the address bar to enter an address, the drop-down menu is the first address.

2, and then is in alphabetical order, first appeared in the beginning of the domain name A, then B, and finally Z. For example: than before.

this is a default browser function bar, the first row, the first row of the same second, and so on.

: so if you really can not think of what a good domain name, then you put the first one from 0 at the beginning of good, the best is second and 0, after the user accidentally ran to your site, then the user will see your name every day, unless he emptied the historical record.

do not understand do not scold me, first to learn Chinese and then learn the computer to see. I think this is a piece of people do not scold me, because there are people who do not know.