How to use limited resources to promote the mall website

extension of a website, a lot of people think it is a very burn things, but they are often in a lot of investment funds, often without a good profit situation. Part of the reason is that most people are too concerned about the promotion, while ignoring the user experience, service, improve the crisis of public relations, to create their own brand of follow-up sales and continued vitality.

if you are not a lot of money in the mall site, then you can consider from improving the user experience and the service quality of the users to gradually increase their store brand, to create a good reputation to promote such way although slower, but also in the case of limited resources, methods you can play a good role. On the current domestic market, group purchase website is a very good example of a bad reputation for poor service to refund a series of negative news, ruin their hand to create brand.

summarized below how to use limited resources to promote the steps.

, improve service, when the line on the website to improve customer service, not because of small sales, because he is a small website and ignore the service, try to make their services, then the key is to have specific services above, this is likely to be the key to the success of the development a mall site. It is important that the service is equally good, the specificity of the service, as well as a better service advantage.

two, establish reputation, how to establish the reputation of many methods, I can give you a simple talk about how to improve the methods, reputation first, can release the product evaluation, such as press releases and activities, to make a reputation oriented, this method need not a lot of money, use or good. Second, do Baidu know the reputation information, this time do not have the funds released a large number of types of keywords Baidu know the information, not only can import more traffic but also can establish a good reputation. If you are a technician in the choice of words when you want to pay attention to a lot, mainly what kind of keywords is a high conversion rate of keywords.

three, the exchange of resources, to exchange resources, because of funding problems, so there is no a lot of resources, this method is mainly made of my resources, many sites require high quality articles, so we can make the content, you can write reviews some related products, can need to release some of the contents of the website, and can promote our website, this is a win-win method.

four, this business, we are not unfamiliar, can early issued coupons, promotion, joint marketing cooperation is divided into CPS, group purchase website, the cooperation will bring direct profit to the website. This cooperation can also be used to promote and promote soft wen. Will play a multiplier effect.

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