Honey bud big day to prove safety of the whole category of the outbreak

recently, the cross-border electricity supplier tax official purposes, a time to treasure dad Baoma who panicked, have concerns about the baby’s rations and diapers are going to rise, while the well-known maternal electricity supplier honey bud with practical action to Chinese mothers to eat a reassurance, not only announced honey bud will cross-border milk, diapers health care products, the tax package, also launched a big honey bud, let China parents thoroughly enjoy the benefits, highlighting the honey bud depends not only on the peak category breakthrough, pay more attention to the whole category of the outbreak.

honey bud is my big day you Changba debut, including diapers, milk powder, beauty, health care products, such as Home Furnishing category have launched the big stage, such as L’OREAL, Swisse, Hitachi, curious, Macao Jiabao, Hero baby, and many other brands on each brand have come up with the greatest benefits to consumers enjoy the benefits, Macao Jiabao and other brands in the big day, even given the unprecedented efforts of half off panic buying ", let the treasure dad Baoma who bought a non-stop.


(April 12th – April 14th PurCotton honey bud big day)


(April 8th – L’OREAL honey bud day),


said the big day, Du Ping honey bud vice president said that the development of cross-border electricity supplier to mother at this time of the year, is no longer the only price competition period, but the whole category, a critical period of upgrading the outbreak of supply chain optimization, upgrading and transformation of the service platform. She pointed out that the parent child cross-border electricity supplier in the next three years is still a considerable growth period, the incremental market, including both the population of incremental, but also includes incremental category.

of honey bud, whether it is to promote or on weekdays, the focus has not only Kao, aptamil these past the main push, played very fierce brand products, expand to more related to maternal infant category on the basis of the population, such as food, baby care, baby nutrition import import feed products. At the same time also started the layout in the beauty, home care, family consumption of food. In the full range of target consumer groups, based on the extended reach the life cycle of consumer groups, honey bud has also done a lot of horizontal expansion, including the exploration of honey bud community operations, strategic investment in children’s indoor swimming hall, recreation brand strategic cooperation amcare medical institutions.

mother to child development of cross-border electricity supplier this time, is no longer just a price to win the period. This year, all kinds of baby have in the above platform cross-border force, in the sensitive goods supply chain system as well as the usual pricing strategy, should be said that let consumers get great benefits, whether to promote or daily, the price is very competitive. In fact, this is to help consumers, help Chinese mothers to establish a better price to buy high-quality cross-border goods market.

observation is not difficult to find, honey bud launched big day activities, in addition to Kao, "