and beauty with Luhan and Li Yifeng, who will be PK off

no matter how much you don’t have much to do with the investment layout. Your impression on them that the two companies more, should be beautiful, said spokesman Luhan and spokesman Li Yifeng. and beauty who will be retained after the merger,



Luhan endorsement beautiful said


Li Yifeng endorsement

Luhan, Li Yifeng the two little meat, from film and television, in recent years dominated the big screen, both sides saw behind the popular small meat fans support, spent hundreds of millions of dollars of advertising, the company between the user and the establishment of brand emotion flow and brings, should not be underestimated. founder June

held this afternoon, and beauty communication briefing said, they are excellent artists, also has a very big fan appeal, our active users is almost perfect coverage of their fans.

he stressed that the next expected form some relationship more interesting, and update these artists, rather than simply pay some money to them, they help us to face future commercials, we hope to do more in-depth, there is a more cooperative relationship with these stars, because everyone is for the same target market, also is the majority of users.

June said that the two brands will be retained, there are many places to complement each other. Because the coincidence is not so high, only about 20%. This will also be better after the merger coverage. After the brand will be more independent of the distinction, but also will continue to maintain the independent business capabilities of the two companies. will tend to more young people, the main force of young people to the students, the more beautiful to white-collar workers, spending power and then a little higher crowd tilt, the two brands more clearly defined.

rumors, said Xu Yirong, founder of the beautiful to dominate HIGO. In this regard, Xu Yirong simply replied: HIGO is not within the scope of the merger, I will do my best to merge the new company to do a good job".

listen to this that is not clear who will leave future after the announcement, what do you think who should leave? May initiate a KFC spokesperson PK double playing strategy, to decide the final candidate


let’s remember together. Kentucky Fried Chicken PK, which is more representative of Kentucky Fried Chicken?


Chen Kun PK

has rarely enabled star endorsement before Kentucky, epoch-making invited Chen Kun, Ke Zhendong were two kinds of product endorsements, Original Recipe VS gold crispy chicken, so that consumers on behalf of KFC in the online poll what chicken can.

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