Why Amazon does not sell iPhone apple is regarded as an opponent

lead: U.S. IT website CNET wrote last week, Amazon is unable to direct sales of iPhone, because of the company to enter the hardware industry alienated and Apple Corp.

below is the full text of the article:

When consumers go to

network in the world, the search for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus two new mobile phone trail, there is a place that is the Amazon No one shows any interest in it.

this is a paradox: the world’s largest online retailer, no sales of consumer electronics products the world’s most popular! At the same time, almost all the other top retailers and apple signed a sales agreement, including best buy, WAL-MART, Taghit, Staples Radio Shack and even other troubled retailers will also acquire iPhone the right to sell.


is an anomaly that highlights the complex relationship between consumer electronics and Amazon, which has started selling its own e-readers, tablets and smartphones. This problem can be traced back to 2007, when Apple launched the first generation of iPhone, and Amazon also with Kindle electronic reader into the hardware market.

because Amazon launched the Kindle, so apple as a competitor, they can not support competitors." NPD analyst Stephen · (Stephen Baker) said. He believes that the reason why Apple missed Amazon sales iPhone, may be to make it at a disadvantage.

apple CEO Tim · (Tim Cook) has taken a series of measures to alienate the relationship between the company and amazon. "We don’t have much cooperation with amazon. We don’t have a strong relationship with them." He spoke on the Charlie · show, which aired on, on Friday.

despite the overlap between the two products, but Cook did not see the Amazon as a competitor.

they launched a mobile phone, but I did not see how many places to sell this phone." He said to Ross, they also have a number of tablet PCs, but they are not a product company, apple is a product company."

apple and Amazon did not comment.

but it is worth noting that Amazon continues to sell iPhone through its third party business network. In addition, other competitors are still available on the company’s website: Google Chromcast TV has become a popular electronic products on Amazon, more than Fire TV of Amazon’s own media devices.

Beck said that the transaction between retailers and manufacturers are often affected by many factors. Whether they choose to cooperate depends on a number of factors, including pricing